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An App for the everyday User and for the everyday Stylist! Combining the best of both worlds into Perfection!
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HairBrain is a 2 in 1 App! HairBrain, allows you to capture the best haircut you've ever had, consistently receive it, by photos, videos and notes. Discover the latest hairstyles and select them to be your favorites, request an appointment with a hairstylist near you & More! HairBrain Pro provides a service for hairstylists who like to offer the ultimate experience to their clients! Quickly and easily record and retrieve haircuts and colors by video ,photos or notes, promote yourself & More! Learn More About HairBrain by checking us out on Kickstarter!

Browse the Latest Hairstyles & More

Browse the Newest Styles, Trends and See what’s Hot! So Much to Check Out! Mark Favorites and Store what Interests You! Select Your Top Picked, Favorites and Easily Send them to Your Stylist for that Style!

Find Your Stylist & More

Check out all the Stylists Near You! View their Ratings, Portfolio and More! Either Give them a Call, contact them Straight from HairBrain or Simply Make an Instant Appointment!

Get The Best Haircut Consistently & More

Always get the Best Haircut! You & Your Stylist can Always use HairBrain to Get & Give the Perfect Cut Every time! Through Video Recordings! Picture Notes and Written Notes! You’re Good Every time!

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By becoming a Pro Member and an Early Supporter on Kickstarter, you get Many Bonuses! Free Memberships, Lifetime Memberships, Top Rated Marketing Spots, Brand Awareness and More!

What are some Benefits as a Normal User?

So Many! Record your hairstyle by Keeping Photo Records, Video Records and Notes! Book Appointments with your Favorite Stylist or Find the Top-Rated Stylist Near You!

What are some Benefits of a Pro User?

So Much! Keep Records of your clients! Photo, Video and Notes! Book Appointments! Send out Appointment Reminders! Show Your Ratings! Reviews! Gain Exposure! New Clients & More!


The HairBrain Timeline!

How HairBrain Came About! Currently on Part 3! We Need Your Support! Check us out on Kickstarter!
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    The Light Bulb!

  • 2

    Concept Creation!

  • 3

    Kickstarter Live!

  • 4

    HairBrain Launch!

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